Margarethe Schmidt Sonntag
Life Entrepreneur

“Life is always a road under construction”

Coach and mentor
of individual-, team- and organisational development processes,
where change and being in transition is a major issue.

Being a mentor is a "call" -
through all of my life,
I serve as a sounding board to individuals of all ages.

I am offering my dialogue partners
time, space and full attention to develop themselves at their own pace - whether it is a day, a day each month, a training unit or a process of
several years - as each person is on a different journey and travels with a different "map".

"Life competence is the basis for professional competence".
"the most important journey to make,
              is the discovery journey within oneself”.


The topics in my work are, i.e.:

life/work balance in life; selfmanagement; life in interdependency with others; networking; personal growth; create visions for the future;
courage to start new; authenticity; openness;.
working communities are learning communities;
to be in dialogue with oneself and others.

The way
I reflect, think, feel and act is interdisciplinary and holistic, looking at matters out of different perspectives.


TaKeTiNa Rhythm Facilitator

 “It is impossible to do two different movements simultaneously using only an active, controlled awareness. However if we allow one rhythmic movement to slip into a passive state we can deliberately, actively and analytically create a second layer that differs from the first.

Here the conscious and unconscious levels meet.
Chaos is a natural and vital part of the rhythmic process and performs the same role in human physiology. At certain intervals every organism falls from it’s existing order into a state of chaos.

The challenge in rhythmic chaos is to let go of control, to admit confusion. When we learn to drop out of the rhythm without panic, we find returning to it happens by itself”.

Reinhard Flatischler, founder of the Taketina rhythm process

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